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Barangay guinhawa is located 73.5km away from the provincial capitol and 4km away from municipal. On its west is barangay sta. Isabel, north is Pili, south is lumambayan, and east is tablas strait. The barangay is 50% mountainous, 30% plain, 25% hilly and 15% costal. It is rural in type. It have philhealth insurance and have a potable water. House ate permanent type and others are temporary. The barangay is 846.5275 hectares with a total population of 2,146 as of 2014. 1,083 are males and 1.063 are women. It has 5 voting precint and 4 numbers of sitio. The population is have different beliefs in worhiping GOD, have catholic, born again, Christian. And most constituents rely on farming as their source of living. Barangay budget play in most P1,664,496.00 a year with its BDRRM fund is almost P85,624.80 per year.





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